The DUCKOMENTA is the World-Cultural-Duck-Heritage

The DUCKOMENTA has entertained visitors as few art exhibition have, with anatid (duck-like) images on international tours of museums in countless towns and cities. More than two million people have already viewed this unusual exhibition. 

Visitors to the exhibition learn about a mysterious tribe of ducks known as the interDucks who once 

lived very public lives in a society parallel to that of mankind. Most of these paintings and sculptures are very life-like: it would be all too easy to believe that these works of art came from another universe. The DUCKOMENTA spans human history, from the period when the earliest human artefacts were made into the vastness of space. 

The artists who make up interDuck understand their work as a combination of conceptual art and Pop. The name of the show, DUCKOMENTA prominently features the word “duck”. The “o” in the middle relays viewers' amazement when they behold the show. “MENTA” refers to the word “document”, alluding to authentic evidence... 

Ägyptisches Museum, München : 29.7.2021 - 30.1.2022

Pinneberg Museum : 8.8.2021 - 13.3.2022

Industriemuseum Elmshorn : 7.11.2021 – 13.3.2022

Schloss Jever, Jever : 19.3.2022 – 3.9.2022

Museum Alte Bischofsburg, Wittstock / Dosse : 13.4.2022 – 11.9.2022

Kultur- und Stadhistorischen Museum, Duisburg: 09/2022 – 04/2023