The story

The DUCKOMENTA story begins with the escape of a group of ducks from Earth in 1944.

The art they realised was left behind on our planet and now comprises the art exhibition DUCKOMENTA. 

The challenge now, for humans, is to decode the mysteries hidden in these works of art.

There appears to be evidence of these ducks' creations all over the world: realised during the Stone Age, in ancient Egypt, during later periods on Earth as well as on Mars. The interDucks appear to have accompanied human history on the path from the first cave dwellings to the development of all major cultures, through the heyday of the first major cultures of ancient times 

into the Middle Ages and the Modern era on all continents (except Antarctica). They appear to have interfered in human history more than official history cares to recognise.  The artists who make up interDuck state that they “are researching the activities of these duck-like beings and their outstanding personalities to present them to audiences.”

Ägyptisches Museum, München : 29.7.2021 - 30.1.2022

Pinneberg Museum : 8.8.2021 - 13.3.2022

Industriemuseum Elmshorn : 7.11.2021 – 13.3.2022

Schloss Jever, Jever : 19.3.2022 – 3.9.2022

Museum Alte Bischofsburg, Wittstock / Dosse : 13.4.2022 – 11.9.2022

Kultur- und Stadhistorischen Museum, Duisburg: 09/2022 – 04/2023